Programme Description

The Intensive Classical Arabic Programme is offered twice a year in Istanbul.

  • 4 week course includes 100 teaching hours
  • 3 week course includes 75 teaching hours

It concentrates on four major skills (Reading, writing, speaking, and listening) with an additional focus on vocabulary and conversation, linguistic activities, games to improve linguistic skills and conversation. Conversation is an integral element to the teaching and learning method.

The programme is taught by highly experienced Native teachers with solid teaching experience. In addition to the classes, we offer a range of indoor and outdoor activities to enhance your experience of learning Arabic in Istanbul.

The programme is tailored based on the learners’ performance of a written placement test which will be conducted before the start of the programme.

We will facilitate tutoring hours both in and out of class in order to provide the students with the necessary practical skills.

Tajweed Classes

Tajweed is the basic ground for correct Arabic pronunciation. We give our students tajweed classes to help them develop a more authentic Arabic accent

Extracurricular Activities

Touristic Trips

The intensive classical Arabic programme includes excursions to Istanbul’s most famous historic and cultural sites. The excursions are integrated within our programme; learners will receive  handouts with relevant vocabulary as well as informative summaries about the sites. Students are accompanied on these excursions by Arabic speakers. All the excursions are conducted in Arabic in order to enrich our students’ experience

Arabic Conversation club

The Arabic Conversation Club seeks to complement classes by providing a casual atmosphere in which to converse in Classical Arabic

The programme includes many evening and weekend activities, providing opportunities to speak Arabic and enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul.  

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Turkey, the cradle of civilisation, over 95 percent of its citizens are Muslims. This delightful country will captivate you with its historical architectural beauty.

Axcel International Academy provides you an ideal setting for studying Arabic in Turkey’s charming capital, Istanbul; the capital of the world’s longest lasted Islamic State where you can learn and visit the Islamic heritage. With thousands of the world’s most beautiful mosques spread across the city you can hear the beautiful ‘Adhan’ throughout the day.

You will have the opportunity to visit the tombs of Prophet Muhammad’s companions (for example, Eyup El Ensari and Hz. Ebu’d Derda) and to learn about their history.


Shared rooms.

Separate accommodations for males and females.

Programme Highlights

  • 75/100 teaching hours
  • Tajweed classes
  • Shared accommodation
  • Museum pass
  • Excursions in Istanbul
  • Variety of in-class and extracurricular activities
  • Transportation card
  • Written placement test


  • Flight ticket and airport pick up service fees are not included in the price.

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After Registration

  • We will send you the invoice and payment details.
  • Approximately 1 week before the programme begins, we will send you the placement test

A written placement test will be sent to students in order to assess their Arabic level. According to the test, the programme will be tailored based on learners’ performance.  

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