Admissions and Certification

​After successful completion of the 2 years, you will be issued an HND certificate from the UK, this enables you to join your final top-up year at one of the 200 universities worldwide that recognise the HND qualification.

Yes you can get a certificate after the successful completion of the first year, it’s called HNC and it is equivalent to the first year of a university degree. You can use the credits gained from this qualification to progress to the second year in a university that recognises BTEC qualifications.

International Baccalaureate
British A-Levels
British AS
Canadian Diploma
Diploma du Baccalaureate
Devlet Lise Diplomasi or Lise Bitirme Diplomasi
Tawjihiyah / Al Shahada Al Thanawiya
High School Diploma + ACT or SAT
Sudan School Certificate (SSC)
Secondary School Leaving Certificate
Cambridge school Certificate.

Copy of Secondary School certificate
Copy of your academic transcript
Certified copy of your ID
2 passport size photos
English competency certificate
Application form

More than 200 universities around the world offer top up programmes for HND holders. Some examples are:
UK: Oxford Brookes University, Middlesex University, University of Derby, Birmingham City University, University of Northampton, University of Bedfordshire, University of Hertfordshire, Anglia Ruksin University.
India: APG Shimla university, Sharda University.
Australia: Central Queensland University, Charles Sturt University

We facilitate that all of our students will get their bachelor’s degree from a reputable UK
university. At Axcel International Academy, we have partnerships with several UK universities.
Once you are registered with us, you will be able to choose from a selection of universities we have partnerships with. During the first 2 years we will work with you to prepare you to meeting the UK university entry requirements for the final year top-up. 

You can apply following this link :

When you pass the first phase of your scholarship application, we will email you some sample questions so that you can prepare for the aptitude test.

It depends which department you’d like to transfer to. If it is within the same department, you will just have to fill in an application and follow up with the admissions office. However if you’d like to transfer to a different department, you’ll have to fill in the credit transfer form to see how many credits you can transfer from your previous courses.

You have to meet a certain level of English before starting your studies with us. You can meet this by passing IELTS UKVI and scoring a minimum of 5.5. Otherwise, you can take the Axcel English placement exam. 

Yes we do provide a British MBA where you can study one year at Axcel International Academy
in Istanbul and then go to the UK to finish your degree. There’s also an option to finish the
degree without having to travel to the UK.

We provide you with the necessary documents to apply for a students visa to Turkey. In the third year (if you choose to continue in the UK) the university in the UK will provide you with the required document to apply for the visa. 
Visa in both countries is not guaranteed, as it’s only approved by the country’s government.   

Enrolling in undergraduate programmes requires that you have a recognised secondary school diploma. If you don’t currently hold a secondary school qualification, you can study for one academic year at Axcel and get an equivalent qualification that will allow you to enrol in an undergraduate programme.

We have an RPL system to recognise your prior learning. When you apply to transfer from another university, we will send you the credit claim form and let you know all the required documents that you need to submit.

About Our Qualifications

BTEC stands for Business & Technology Education Council and was established in 1984.
BTEC is one of Pearson’s qualifications that is taught across the globe by leading educational institutions.

The BTEC is shaped to be relevant to your local environment and is taught by professionals with experience and contacts within the
relevant industry.

The BTEC level 5 HND is widely recognised as equivalent to one or two years of university education.
Everything you learn and achieve can count towards an undergraduate degree and the majority of BTEC graduates are fast-tracked to the second or third year of a degree course at a wide range of leading universities worldwide.

– 95% of UK Higher Education Institutes
– Over 200 universities worldwide – including several of The Times top 100 ranked universities in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong
– Over 70 professional bodies – including Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
– International employers such as Shell, BAE Systems, PWC and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

BTECs are made up of a number of units, which are usually assessed through assignments.
Assignments can include tests, research, essays, projects, investigations, artwork, fieldwork, experiments and often link theory with practical exercises.
You are assessed throughout your course so you can analyse and improve your performance.

BTEC HND can provide you with a more cost-effective progression route to university.
BTEC Higher National Qualifications have been designed to provide specialist work-related learning and are offered at two levels, to allow greater flexibility: BTEC Higher National Certificates and BTEC Higher National Diplomas. They are equivalent to the first and second year of a university degree, and are ideal if students are looking to progress to the final year of a degree.

Our programmes and our Academy are monitored and inspected by the same Pearson UK, they are the same body that inspect similar programmes and colleges in the UK. Inspectors visit our academy twice a year to inspect the quality of teaching and assessment for each programme.


We expect our students to be in Istanbul at least a week before the course starts, to make sure they are settled and ready to start.
You will receive your timetable on the first week (after your arrival) . You will also find a copy of your timetable on iLearn. 
You can easily reach the academy by taking the Metrobus to Güzelyurt​ station (10 minutes walking distance from the academy).


We work with our agents to support our students in finding accommodation with student friendly prices, in convenient locations.
Yes, you can travel outside Turkey during the holidays as long as you have a valid residence permit.
Yes, we support our students to get their residency.
Axel has agreements with more than one university and not just Derby. The procedures for completing the study in Derby for the third year in Istanbul are still going on, so to date the completion of the study in Istanbul will be through other universities until the Franchise procedures with Derby is done.
The Academy assists students with a visa to study Turkish in Istanbul.
The minimum age is 16 years and there is no maximum
The cost ranges from 600 TL to 1200 Tl per month depending on the nature of the room you choose .
at the moment no we don’t have a phd department
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