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Business Department

Axcel business programmes immerse students in a range of theoretical & practical approaches & set the foundations of an entrepreneurial mindset. Explore the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, analytics & management & learn with the guidance of our faculty’s expertise. Graduates will be equipped with the leadership skills needed to navigate the complex & fast paced worlds of business, management & technology.

Computer Department

Explore the concepts driving the technological world and gain hands on, practical experience as you study. Our course structures are broad and cover both the theoretical and underlining concepts of computing as well as providing practical knowledge required to excel in programming and engineering. Our graduates will be equipped with a wide range of skills that are well sought after in both the computing world and beyond.

Media Department

Axcel’s media programmes involve you in exciting, industry-focused projects that introduce you to the world of media. Media today is everywhere, and our courses won’t just cover family television, they will allow you to explore modern day media platforms and current conventions within the industry.
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