Axcel International Academy Entry Requirements

Age: Must be over the age of 16 to gain access onto the Programme

Educational Qualification: Foundation year or GCE equivalent

International Baccalaureate
British A levels
British AS
Canadian Diploma
Diploma du Baccalaureate
Devlet Lise Diplomasi or Lise Bitirme Diplomasi
Tawjihiyah / Al Shahada Al Thanawiya
High School Diploma + ACT or SAT
Sudan School Certificate (SSC)
Secondary School Leaving Certificate
Cambridge school Certificate.

English Proficiency: Minimum IELTS UKVI 5.5 or Axcel English test

If you don’t meet the language requirement, you can attend the intensive English course “University English”


HNC: Higher National Certificate; A Higher National Certificate (HNC) is awarded by Pearson and it takes one year to complete.

  • Successful completion of an HNC allow applicants to apply to a HND programme (in the same subject). It may also be possible to progress to Year 1 or Year 2 of a university degree programme.
  • HNC is equivalent to studying one year at a university.

HND: Higher National Diploma; Higher National Diploma (HND) is awarded by Pearson and takes one year to complete and is only undertaken after successful completion of the relevant HNC.

  • Successful completion of HND allow applicants to progress to second or third year of a university degree programme.
  • HND is equivalent to studying two years at a university.

Level 7: Extended level 7 Diploma ; is a postgraduate qualification awarded by Pearson.

  • Successful completion of Pearson BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership allow applicants to progress to MBA degree programme at many universities with up to 120 credits exemption from 180 credits Masters degree.

Level 3: BTEC level 3 Diploma; awarded by Pearson.

  • BTEC level 3 Diploma is equivalent to two A Levels.
  • Successful completion of level 3 Diploma allow applicants to progress to a relevant university degree programme.

2+1 system

The 2 + 1 system consists of two stages:

Stage1: Study 2 years in Istanbul at Axcel International Academy in your chosen programme. This is equivalent to the first and second year of your UK Bachelor degree. This qualifies you to progress into the second stage. After the successful completion of the 2 years, you will get a level 5 UK qualification.

Stage2: Study 1 year in the UK and get your Bachelor degree from one of the world’s leading universities.

At Axcel

Axcel is a Pearson BTEC international approved centre and most of our qualifications are accredited by Pearson.

Undergraduate students start their programme at Axcel, studying BTEC for 2 years and they get their HND qualification from Pearson.

All students are registered at Pearson UK.

At Partner universities

After obtaining the HND, students can progress to one of Axcel’s partner universities to obtain their level 6 degree (Bachelor degree) , subject to the partner university’s entry criteria.

Students will have the choice to attend their third year in the UK at a partner university or register for distance learning at a partner university, where Axcel provides assistance and studying facilities for at Axcel campus in Istanbul. (subject to the partner university’s entry criteria)

Pearson partners

Pearson has more than 400 partner institutions. Students can choose to progress to any of Pearson’s partner institutions to obtain their level 6 qualification (Bachelor degree).

Please find in the link below a list of universities around the world, which have confirmed recognition or progression of a Pearson BTEC Higher National qualification



Prices quoted on our platforms are only relevant to studying in Istanbul fees.

Prices of the third year in Istanbul are subject to change as per our agreement with any of the partner universities.

Prices of the third year at the partner university are not advertised on our website, it’s only determined by the partner university and can be found on their website.

If the student was granted a scholarship while studying in Istanbul, this does not extend to studying in the

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