Coronavirus Covid-19: latest information

Our Covid-19 Plan

We are dedicated to upholding the highest quality learning experiences to all our students as we navigate these unprecedented times. We are taking every care to ensure that our staff and students are safe and healthy, whilst ensuring the optimal educational experience for our students.

Study on-campus online flexibly

We are striving to provide all our students with the suitable educational vehicle to accommodate their unique situation. We are certain that these are challenging times for students and their families alike, and we strongly believe that no student should have to delay their education due to lack of accessibility. For the upcoming semester, we are delighted to announce that we will have in place the following:

  1. On-campus learning
  2. Live and interactive virtual classes through our unique platform (if on-campus learning is not possible)
  3. Seamless transitions between on-campus and virtual learning, making it easier for students to start their learning, no matter where they are.

Study With Confidence

This past semester, we are pleased to say that we have successfully transitioned to online learning. Our teachers received additional training on teaching live classes in an engaging and interactive way, and we developed our existing online platform to suit the new needs. Building on this success, we are preparing for live and interactive virtual classes next semester, in case on-campus learning is not possible, to ensure every student has access to the best learning.

Ready To Adapt

We are aware that the situations of students may change depending on where they are, and what is accessible to them. We are also aware that government guidance and public health regulations are continuously being updated, and are prone to change. For this reason, we are prepared for all cases, and we are prepared to accommodate the transition of students between on-campus and virtual classes, whilst ensuring this has the minimum possible impact on their learning. Our dedicated staff are available to support students with all their learning needs.

Our Community

We have been impressed by the strength and resilience of the Axcel community during this time, and we look forward to welcoming new students into our community in the coming academic year. Please feel free to contact us should you have any concerns.

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